Don Callis Discusses Impact Wrestling Attempting to Sign Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 04/13/19

Impact Wrestling VP Don Callis recently took part in a media Q&A session this month before Impact’s United We stand event. Callis discussed Impact attempting to sign Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho to the roster. .

Callis on the names Impact is looking for: “I think we’re always looking for names but for me it begins and ends with the athleticism. [We’re] not looking to bring in guys who can’t go anymore and are just names…we’re gonna continue to go after stud athletes like Rob [Van Dam].”

Callis on how close Impact was to signing Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega: “That’s a tough one. You’d have to ask them that…. We made an offer to Chris that was a real good offer and I think if you could go back a year and it was us and WWE and New Japan, I think we would have had both of them.”

Callis on remaining friends with Omega: “I just saw Kenny last week and remain good friends with both guys.”

Callis on reshaping the Impact roster: “We talked about reshaping the roster. We talked about a 12-18 month plan and that the roster would be evolving all the time. People leave. We bring new people in. Rob Van Dam signing was huge. I got to call a lot of Rob’s matches in ECW…so having Rob Van Dam here is massive for us because Rob hasn’t really lost a step.”