The Briscoes Challenge Guerrillas of Destiny for ROH Tag Titles, Tama Tonga Responds

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 04/13/19

The Briscoes and Tama Tonga of the Guerrillas of Destiny went back and forth on Twitter this week. It was started on when Tonga commented on G1 Supercard and the attack by nZo and Big Cass. Tama Tonga wrote, I love the fact that Enzo and Cass came and jumped the losers of our match. Ring of Honor booking at its finest.

The Briscoes later responded, challenging the Guerrillas of Destiny to a fight for the ROH tag titles. Tama Tonga then fired back with a video of his own. You can check out those video exchanges on Twitter below. Warning, the videos have language that is NSFW.

Tama Tonga said in response to the Briscoes, Were back in Japan, defending these [ROH] titles. What yall gonna do about it? Were back defending those titles, double champs, thats us, Guerrillas of Destiny. G.O.D. You guys go back to your day jobs, your nine-to-fives, scooping up that chicken s.