More on the Enzo and Big Cass Incident at G1 Supercard

Posted By James Walsh on 04/13/19

As we previously reported, when Enzo and Big Cass (now called nZo and caZXL) jumped the barricade at ROH G1 Supercard last week and fought with the Briscoes, they were working an angle and will likely be brought in by the company soon. However, they haven’t actually signed with ROH at this time. It was noted in past reports that the two appearing at the event was something that “not everyone was on the same page on.”

In the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer went into more detail, by explaining that many of the wrestlers weren’t actually aware that the two were going to be there, especially the NJPW wrestlers.

He said: “Some of them knew, but some of them didn’t in that match. Nobody from New Japan was told they were going to do it and it’s a New Japan championship match. […] Obviously the Briscoes knew. The other teams…EVIL and SANADA I’m sure didn’t know.”

Tama Tonga previously took a shot at the company over the incident.