Nikki Cross Enjoying her Persona: Gives Triple H Credit for Its Creation

Posted By James Walsh on 04/13/19

In an interview with Gorilla Position, Nikki Cross spoke about her character in the WWE and gave Triple H credit for coming up with it, adding that she loves playing it. Here are highlights:

On her character: ďI love it. No I really do love it. Itís such a fun experience. What Iíve enjoyed the most about this character, being Nikki Cross, is that weíve been able to develop for the last two-and-a-half, three years. Triple H had this brainchild and this idea and it was his baby and then he brought the idea to me and I loved it and then I was able to bring that to life and then put my salt and pepper on it. Put my little parts on it. Bring in elements from my real life, bring in stories from real life, make her relatable because I think the character Nikki Cross, sheís so much fun and she speaks to so many different people in so many different ways. Itís almost like telling everyone, ĎHey, itís okay if you donít fit iní. Neither did I, and we have so much fun and I think it really tells people to embraceÖit lets people know itís okay to be as crazy as you want and play as you want and I think it encourages people to just live in the moment and I think thatís why itís so much fun because I get to completely live in the moment and I just get to see whatever comes out of me so there really is that real life aspect of it because Iíve made that a part of me. So for me, there is that real life aspect to it. I think Nikki Cross has a very important message and a deeper message which Iím excited to introduce to new audiences. People that havenít seen the character before, Iím excited to introduce that because there is so many layers to the character and I think weíve only scratched the surface for the last two-and-a-half years. I actually believe we can go so much deeper and Iím excited, really excited for that development.Ē

On the evolution of character: ďCharacter should evolve, because people evolve. And I think that, you know, thereís Nikki Cross, good guy, bad guy, itís shades of grey because people are shades of grey. With Nikki you never really know what to expect. Sheís unpredictable. But thatís also real life. Thatís human. Thatís people. For me thereís so much depth, thereís so much richness to the character. Itís a blast.Ē