THE RANT: Sexy Starr & The Women's Revolution

Posted By James Walsh on 04/16/19

Recently, Sexy Starr said in an interview that her milestone win of the Lucha Underground World Title helped kickstart the Women's Revolution. As a result, many responded with their take on the situation offering an almost sarcastic response to the former wrestler's claims. In fact, even I reacted by saying "oh boy" when I first read it.

But, she's not wrong. At least, not in the greater scheme of things.

Like it or not, Sexy Starr's place as an aid to the Women's Revolution is tied to how important you view Lucha Underground to shaping wrestling. If you view it as a viable show that did inject a level of Lucha flavor into wrestling now more than ever before, you almost have to give Sexy Starr her due as being a big player on that show in an inter-gender way. But, if you don't give Lucha Underground much credit and dismiss it as a TV show that was on a specialty network of El Rey, you probably won't give her any credit just like you don't give the brand any credit.

A big part of the reason people rushed to dismiss Sexy Starr's claim is because she is blackballed from the wrestling industry. At a AAA event, Starr shot on Rosemary after a match wrenching back on an arm bar and injuring the rising Impact star in an unprofessional way. This was, to some extent, the reputation of Starr before the incident. But, when she crossed company lines and shot on a well-liked performer from an American company who had a working relationship with AAA, it made a lot of things messy. It put Impact's relationship with AAA in jeopardy and it legitimately hurt another wrestler.

As a result, Sexy Starr was not a part of Lucha Underground Season 4. And, she was, more or less, more really, blackballed from pro wrestling. Appearances in the US for Starr were canceled by the promotions. and, evidenced by her taking a little credit for her accomplishments and being shut down by social media, her name still elicits a negative response from the wrestling community.

Since the summer of 2017, Starr has had a successful boxing fight as well as a successful MMA fight. If you asked her, she would likely tell you that her absense from Lucha Underground and wrestling as a whole was her idea to focus on her combat sports career.

But, lets look briefly at what she did do in Lucha Underground.

She did have a brutal and bloody No Mas match with Mariposa including taking shots from Marty "The Moth" Martinez in that encounter.

She was the first, and only, woman to win the Lucha Underground World Title defeating Mil Muertes in the finals.

She did compete at a high level against Johnny Mundo/Impact and was considered in his league when defending the title against him. Johnny did defeat her to win the title.

So, like it or not, Sexy Starr did do these things on Lucha Underground TV in the United States. These things were radical. And, she probably does deserve credit for being the performer who did have the opportunity to succeed in those ways.

Bottom line? She did accomplish unique firsts. She did have exciting ceiling breaking opportunities. But, how those are remembered in modern history and will be remembered in later history hinges on how Lucha Underground is remembered as well as on just how much the wrestling community dislikes Sexy Starr herself for her actions that night. I believe, in the end, her accomplishments will go without historical reference for both reasons mentioned. Lucha Underground was not WWE and they write the history books. And, Sexy Starr made herself too many enemies.