Jim Ross Discusses Scott Hall's Failed Drug Test in 1995 & Conspiracy Theory That Surrounds It

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 05/13/19

During the latest Grilling JR, Jim Ross discussed Scott Hallís failed drug test in 1995 which came as he was preparing to leave WWE for WCW. Hall was suspended six weeks for the failed test, and the timing of the suspension ó including that it was from a six-week old test ó just as he was looking to jump ship has led some to be suspicious of the whole thing. Highlights from Rossí comments are below:

On the timing of the whole thing: ďWell, he flunked the test. And Iím not so sure of how long ó this is not like an episode of Law & Order: SVU. We donít get the results back before commercial break on some of that stuff. Processes and procedures to get your results were not quite as advanced as they are now. So I donít really know if that six weeks [timeframe] is normal. It seems like it was a lot more normal than people perceive it to be. Obviously a lot of folks would rather write about a conspiracy and talk about that. And I can understand why, it is very coincidental in that regard. Is it too coincidental? I donít know, maybe. But I do know that medically and officially, he flunked a test. And then when the results came back, thatís when the announcement was made. It coincided with him giving his notice. Some people, youíll never convince some people that there were two different issues. I think a lot of people are gonna always think, ĎYou know, we screwed Scott Hall.í And I certainly didnít perceive that to be the case. But obviously when you flunk a test, thereís gotta be some penalty for it. And thatís how it went down. In six weeks, I donít think six weeks was, the suspicion was unyielding. I think that was kind of the normal deal. So I just donít think it was conspiracy. But again, it certainly has a lot of the components of one.Ē

On Vince McMahon saying that people who donít test positive donít have to worry about it: ďThat pretty well takes care of business right there. Heís right about that Ö now again, you go back to ĎWas he telling the truth?í I am of the impression, all I remember is that it was failed drug test. And I believe it was for marijuana, but I canít remember that far back. I canít imagine it being for anything else Ö But I think that it was unfortunate how it worked out, but it certainly loaded the wagon on Scott and made the company look bad. And all I can tell you from my experience is that there was a flunked drug test. And as protocol would have it, procedures would have it, generally the six-week penalty is normal [at the time] and as soon as you can get them off the road, and start their [suspension, the reason for that was, you want to start the suspension early, so you get them back earlier. You wait several weeks and you have more time to add on or sit íem at home. Itís not a good thing. I donít believe it was a conspiracy, but Iím not going make an argument or argue with anybody that does. Because there are a lot of elements there that would cause one to raise an eyebrow.Ē