John Cena Says That WWE Doesn't Need Him Anymore, Doesn't Want to 'Milk The System Dry'

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 05/13/19

John Cena recently spoke with, during which he talked about his future with WWE and the likelihood of a return to the ring. While he seems optimistic about working in the future, hes made it clear that hed prefer not to milk the system dry.

When asked if he will wrestle again: That literally depends on the immediate future. Theres a few [non-wrestling] opportunities that have been set in front of me. If they work out and I hope they work out theyll be wonderful challenges in life and for me to grow as a person, so Ill more than likely take them. It doesnt mean that my heart doesnt lie with WWE.

On the talent of today: I watch WWE on a regular basis and the talent is getting faster and more precise. [Before] I think I would have left the WWE high and dry, so to speak, [but] now they have so much talent and so many definable Superstars. There was a time when I could genuinely say, from a financial standpoint, they needed me that time is up.

On his age: Im older now, I just turned 42. I dont want to go out there and think I can perform like Im 30, because I cant. Its something Ive seen a few instances of and Im going to try everything in my power not to do that.

I am not sick of it, I am just trying to have that realistic conversation that not many people in sports or entertainment or sports-entertainment have, they want to hold on to that flame as long as they can. I would much rather leave a lasting impression for what I did then try to milk the system for selfish gain.