Horror Icon Tom Savini Involved in Creating Bray Wyatt’s New Mask

Posted By James Walsh on 05/14/19

New details are available regarding Bray Wyatt’s new mask, including the fact that horror effects guru Tom Savini was involved in the creation. Wyatt debuted the new mask last night during a Firefly Funhouse vignette on Raw, and tattoo artist Kyle A. Scarborough posted to Facebook revealing how the mask came into being.

According to Scarborough, Wyatt texted him excited about the new gimmick and said he needed Scarborough’s help. He took Wyatt’s ideas and designed the mask, and says when he was done, Wyatt said he “saved his career.” You can see Scarborough’s post to Facebook below, as well as a post from Savini (known for his work on Dawn of the Dead, Friday the 13th, Creepshow, and more: