Earl Hebner Signs with AEW

Posted By James Walsh on 05/15/19

AEW has added yet another referee to their roster, and this is a big one. The company announced late Tuesday that WWE and TNA alumnus Earl Hebner has signed on board, as you can see below.

Hebner is one of the most well-known referees in the wrestling industry, being a mainstay for WWE in the late 1980s through the mid-2000s. He was the referee for the infamous Montreal Screwjob and was involved in the 1988 Andre the Giant vs. Hulk Hogan match on The Main Event card in 1988, which saw André the Giant defeat Hulk Hogan and quickly sell the WWF Championship to Ted DiBiase. The storyline saw Earl’s identical twin brother Dave set to referee the match, but DiBiase bribed Earl to cheat, lock Dave in a locker room and count a fast pin for Andre.