More Detailed Report from WWE NXT TV Taping on Saturday

Posted By James Walsh on 05/19/19

A more detailed report is online from Saturdayís NXT show in Bel Air, Maryland, which was a special TV taping. The report is below, per PWInsider. It is not certain how much of the show will be used for television:

* First match is the Street Profits vs. The Outliers with Robert Stauss , Robert Strauss cut a pretty good promo before the match during the entrances. He probably would have been a player when managers mattered. Lots of comedy for this one. Street Profits get the win when they both pin one of the Outliers canít remember which one.

* Next up was Keith Lee vs. Punishment Martinez good back and forth match, they get a both these guys chant from the crowd they are both working as babyfaces. Punishment gets the win. They both congratulate each other after it is done.

* Third was Drew Gulak vs. Kushida in a submission match. The do some really good mat work. Gulak is great working in and out of holds. Kushida gets the win with the Hoverboard lock (I donít know about the rest of you but I hate that name for his double wrist lock) After the match Kushida points to the crowd and extends his hand Gulak shakes his head no and says this isnít for them itís for you, you are very good and shakes his hand.

* Fourth Match is Shayna Bazsler vs Kacy Catanzaro, Pretty much what you expect Shayna plays the bully and Kacy fights from underneath getting some stuff in along the way. Kacy is an amazing athlete and if she can learn to work she will be a great perineal underdog when the time is right. Shayna wins when she chokes out Kacy.

* Fifth Match is Kyle OíReilly and Roderick Strong vs. Danny Burch and Oney Lorchan. Bobby Fish comes out with Kyle and Roddy and has his arm in a sling (Dave do you know if this is legit injury and if so what is it?) Great match from them Burch and Lorchan get the win when Jaxson Ryker comes out to distract the UE.

* Sixth Match is Io Shirai and Candice Larae Vs. Duke and Shafir I am trying to be as nice about Duke and Shafir as I can be because I know they lack experience but this was a bit hard to get through Candice and Io do there best to make them look good. This one ends in a no contest because when Io goes up for the moonsault Bazsler pulls out Duke so Io changes direction and hits it outside the ring on Shayna and then they all brawl until the bell is rung.

* Main Event Adam Cole v Matt Riddle v Velveteen Dream Pretty good match they all work hard and make good contact, Velveteen gets the win.