Paige Recalls Getting Advice From Dusty Rhodes on Promos After Going Off On Him

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 05/19/19

Paige spoke with CinemaBlend earlier this year while promoting Fighting With My Family and recalled a story of cursing out Dusty Rhodes during a promo class. You can see the video below, along with highlights of the story:

On learning to do promos in FCW: “Oh my goodness, I didn’t know what I was doing, honestly. ’cause when I was back in England, my dad didn’t teach us how to like, do a promo. We just had to copy his promo, pretty much. And we didn’t have all this. When I started we had FCW and it was a small tin can building. There was only five women, maybe 50 men. But it was so small, we only had two rings in there. We didn’t have a promo area, we had another ring in another area, and that was for when we had shows there. And that only held about 50 people in it. And we’d do promos in that room with Dusty Rhodes.”

On losing it at Dusty one day: “I love Dusty who was my mentor, and he was such a wonderful person. He was like my dad over here. He was like, ‘You’re like my broken toy baby. I just wanna put you back together again.’ But I remember when we came here [to the Performance Center], we actually had a promo in this area before there was a room too. And he was on my case all the time about delivering promos because he just wanted me to be perfect, you know, and he just wanted me to be successful. And I was just frustrated one day, so frustrated, and he was just like, ‘Baby, I asked you for chicken dinner and you give me chicken s**t.’ And I was just like, ‘F you motherf-er!’ and stormed out in front of like, so many [people]. And I run up these stairs and I run into the girls locker room and I remember him walking up the stairs, he’s very slow. He walks up the stairs, knocks on the door and he’s like, ‘Porcelain Princess, are you in there?’ And I was like, ‘What?’ And he was like, ‘I never let anyone call me a motherf**ker, but I’ll let you do it.’ And I remember him just being like, he tells me, ‘I just want you to be successful. When I’m hard on you, it’s because I want you to be the best you can be and I want you to be yourself.’ Because when I was trying to conform and stuff, he would always be like, ‘What you doing baby? You’re goth! That’s what you are. You’re weird.’ You use that, utilize that. So, every time I would do something different, he was like, ‘No, no, no, you’re straying too far away. Stay yourself.'”