Michael Elgin on Press Pass Podcast Recap

Posted By James Walsh on 05/19/19

Show: Interactive Wrestling Radio
Guest: Michael Elgin
Date: 05/08/19

Here is the Impact Press Pass Podcast withMichael Elgin!

Elgin was recently the guest on an Impact Wrestling Press Pass and spoke about leaving NJPW for Impact Wrestling.

“It was more-so of just me wanting to be there (Impact) and I kind of freed up my obligations because I just spent so much time in Japan and there was an offer there that I decided wasn’t right for me,” Elgin said. “Because I decided that even though it was said otherwise in some media outlets, I felt it was time to move on and focus on my son. And looking at all the other options, like I previously mentioned, that I focus on wrestling and I watch a lot and I try to watch every company out there and stay focused on the talent that’s out there, and- just the product as a whole within Impact was what I like about pro wrestling.”

Elgin continued to talk about Impact’s approach to pro-wrestling.

“It’s what my pro wrestling that I grew up on focuses on. Championships mean something,” he continued. “People are going out there and fighting to be the best wrestler and to gain a championship and it just speaks volumes to me because that’s what I like about wrestling. I like the athletic atmosphere. I like the sport atmosphere of it.”

What did you think of Rebellion overall and did you know that Brian Cage was injured when you confronted him at the show?
Elgin: Watching the show, I thought that it was a fantastic card from top to bottom. I've mentioned a few times now that I try to stay up to date on all wrestling because one, I'm a wrestler and two, I'm a fan. So, I feel consistently that Impact's pay-per-views have been top notch and the best pay-per-views going. And I think Rebellion was in that same vein.

I don't know when Brian Cage was hurt. All I can tell you is that when I walked out and powerbombed him and the crowd counted 1, 2, 3 when I had his shoulder to the mat, I mean I could call myself the uncrowned champion, that's when he was sent to the hospital.

He was standing tall with the Championship in his hand when I walked out. So, It's hard to say when he got hurt.

But if you're asking me it's when I gave him the powerbomb and the crowd chanted 1. 2, 3 because I had his shoulders to the mat.

What do you think of Rob Van Dam's return to Impact Wrestling and are you looking forward to working with him?
Elgin: I think it's great for Rob Van Dam. I think it's great for Impact. I mean anybody I think that is in my age group and is a wrestling fan and has been a wrestling fan for all their life was a huge fan of Rob Van Dam and what he did with ECW and then, later on with WWE.