AAA Conquista Total Results

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 05/20/19

Lucha Libra AAA held their Conquista Total show on SUnday from Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico live on Twitch. The results are below per Wrestling With Demons:

Chik Tormenta appeared with the broadcast team on the pre-show. She talked about the scary situation in her match last night but said there is nothing broken. She confirmed that she will still be wrestling as scheduled tonight.

They said The Young Bucks will defend the Tag Titles against Lucha Bros. on the 6/16/19 show.

A video aired that looked like it was shot in one of The Young Bucks backyards. They ran down all the major tag title wins in their career. They said Lucha Bros. can try to take the titles from them one more time.

The event is at an outdoor venue and it looks really nice on television. (Full disclosure: Iím watching this and WWE MITB on two different TVs so itís not a full report)

The main event will change with Dr. Wagner Jr. not there due to the death of Silver King.

* Dragon Bane and Big Mami vs. Lady Maravilla and Halcon 78 Jr. Mami got on the mic and wanted to apologize for doubting Nino Hamburguesa but Maravilla and Halcon jumped her before she could finish. Maravilla taunted her on the mic and said Nino has found someone better now. Mami pinned Halcon after a big splash then she was briefly attacked by Maravilla.

Konnan and Los Mercenarios came out with a promo.

* Astrolux, Faby Apache, and Nino Hamburguesa vs. Chik Tormenta, Tessa Blanchard, and El Hijo del Tirantes (the rudo referee). Blanchard pinned Astrolux after the Buzzsaw DDT. It looked like Nino had it won after giving the splash off the rope on both Tormenta and Tirantes but Lady Maravilla came out to distract him as usual. Big Mami came out and once again tried to warn Nino about Maravilla but he ended up leaving the ring with her and reluctantly looked back at Mami.

* Golden Magic vs. Flamita vs. Villano III Jr. vs. Australian Suicide vs. Myzteziz Jr. in a #1 con. match for the Latin American Title Lots of near falls and dangerous stuff. Australian Suicide pinned Villano after a shooting star press.

Suicide and Villano were about to shake hands but Killer Kross came out and destroyed everyone that was in the match in WWE style fashion until Puma King ran him off with a chair.

* Chessman vs. Pagano. Chik Tormenta followed Chessman out and she was carrying a big ladder. Tirantes is back to referee duties for this one. Pagano powerbombed Chessman on a ladder on the outside and the ladder bent. Nino Hamburguesa came out to act as the second of Pagano to counterbalance Chik. Pagano was bleeding after getting hit with a ladder. They brought in a chair and set up a tables, so itís TLC. Chik tried to attack Pagano with a chair but he was able to fight her off. Both guys are dripping blood all over the ring. Two tables set up in and out of ring. Pagano kicks Chessman off the top rope and out of the ring down through the table outside the ring. Pagano got the pin.

Theyíre plugging tickets for the MSG show on 9/15/19.

* Hijo Del Vikingo, Laredo Kid, and Lady Shani vs. Rey Escorpion, Texano Jr., and La Hiedra. The rudos pinned Shani after a triple team powerbomb then La Hiedra unmasked her.

* Main Event- Killer Kross, Daga, and Blue Demon Jr. vs. Puma King, LA Parka, and Psycho Clown. Demon pinned LA Parka after a low blow and fast count by Tirantes. Kross powerbombed Puma King into a table on the outside but the table didnít break much at all. Psycho Clown gave Daga the Psycho Driver through Hugo Savinovichís announcer table.

After the match, Texano Jr. and Rey Escorpion ran in and attacked Pyscho Clown. Puma King and LA Parka made the save.