Kurt Angle Wasn't Comfortable With The Stalking Sharmell Storyline

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 05/20/19

Kurt Angle recently had another Q&A on Facebook in which he revealed that he wasnt comfortable with the WWE storyline in which he stalked Booker Ts wife Sharmell back in 2005. Here are highlights:

On Seth Rollins: I dont know, but his in-ring skills would have put him near the very top of the roster. Hes really talented. Love watching him work.

On the Wild Card rule: It gives these superstars more opportunity by using the wild card, so I like it for now.

On stalking Sharmell: The stalking of Booker Ts wife Sharmell. I was not comfortable doing it. The whole storyline felt odd to me. But, I like challenges so I went through with it.