Classic Audio FOUND: Buff Bagwell, Shark Boy, & Francine Interviews ONLINE!

Posted By James Walsh on 05/21/19

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Back in late October of 2005, James and Chuck D were still rocking it on "The Blaze" 1260 AM as a duo. We had our weekly segment with "Queen of Extreme" Francine Fournier shooting on the goings on in her life and, typically, two guests per week. Plus, a lot of general wrestling chatter laced with comedy.

This episode features Francine shooting on the problem with people being fake in wrestling, Buff Bagwell talking about his entire career including multiple forced jbs to Dirty Dick Slater and the failed WWE WCW Invasion, and Shark Boy stops by to talk about suing Disney for copyright infringement for the Shark Boy and Lava Girl movie.

Lots of goodies in this late October 2005 episode of the Wrestling Epicenter. If you haven't checked us out, visit We've been going since 2002 and as of 2019, we were still going strong!