Booker T Welcomes a War Between AEW and WWE

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 05/21/19

During last weekís edition of Booker Tís The Hall of Fame podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T discussed AEW announcing its TV deal with TNT and a potential war between AEW and WWE similar to WCW and WWF in the 1990s. Below are some highlights.

Booker T on wrestling being back on TNT: ďItís not something they are unfamiliar with. They know exactly what they are going to get out of professional wrestling. They donít know exactly what theyíre going to get out of this product, but they are willing to move into this venture with AEW and see if itís something that can bring something totally new and something fresh to the table. And thatís the thing right there. So many people out there, they want to see exactly whatís going on. Iíve been listening to a lot of talking and talking saying wrestling is back. If thatís the case man, itís going to step up everyoneís game everywhere. Everyone is going to have to start thinking in a different direction, Itís always going to be sports entertainment. But for me personally ó ME PERSONALLY ó Booker T, six-time World Heavyweight Champion, I always thought man, at the end of the day, the payoff was always going out there, Steamboat/Savage WrestleMania 3, and giving it to these guys right in the middle of that squared circle. Giving these guys a moment that they are going to remember for the rest of their lives. Iím talking about a moment that is frozen in time in their minds because it was something they had never seen before in their lives. Thatís what wrestling was and hopefully, thatís what wrestling always will be. Hopefully, like I say, the bar will be raised in the weeks and months to come.Ē

Booker T on how wrestlers will raise their game with AEW on primetime on TNT and the war being on: ďItís not a competition or anything like that. But from a wrestling perspective, I know when I was in WCW and I was watching WWF ó now WWE ó I knew when I was watching it, I wanted to be better than those guys. I wanted to know if I could compete with those guys. I wanted to know exactly how good I was. Thatís where we are right now. Weíre at that stage where the guys are really going to have to think totally different as far as how do I go out there and make the fans cheer my name, how do I make the fans think of me as an entity, as someone that theyíre going to be bringing the signs for? How do I tap into that? You know what I mean? The this is awesome thing is gonna go out the window now ó the this is awesome chant. Itís going out of the window. Wrestlingís back. The war is on, and Iím looking forward to seeing exactly what happens man, but from the outside.Ē

Booker T on AEW: ďOne thing about companies out there right now is they can bring it if they want to go that route. But Iím thinking, they want to go that route. I think they want to carve their own niche and stay in their own lane and do their own thing. That would be the smart thing to do because ó because WWE got the most talent in the world. We got everybody on the roster and it wouldnít be that hard to flip the script and go a different route. The Ricochets on the roster, those guys can go man. The Roman Reigns on that roster, Seth Rollins, man. Those guys can really flat out go. They really can. [Aleister] Black, the [Kofi] Kingstons off ó these can actually really, really go. And you say, ĎDo we really want to let them loose?í That is the question.Ē

Booker T on welcoming a war between WWE and AEW: ďThat happened. I was a part of that happening back when WCW ó whatís the name of Bischoffís show? 68 Weeks? 83 Weeks. I donít know what Iím saying, 68 weeks. Yeah, 83 weeks. I was a part the 83-week run, and it was good. But Iím going to tell you, those horses back in WWE ó WWF back then ó they started running and you, I must say man, I give to Triple H and those guys man then man because I was on the other side of it. I was in WCW locker room because they had it on monitor, and we had to actually watch it. Man, those guys would be in blood, sweat, and tears, man. They would be going all out. So me personally, I welcome the war. I would love to see the war come back, and if thatís what we gotta do, then thatís what we gotta do man.Ē