Gorillas of Destiny Challenge WWE Talent

Posted By James Walsh on 06/10/19

At yesterday’s NJPW Dominion 2019 event, the Guerrillas of Destiny (Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa) had an interview on their win at the event over SANADA and EVIL. During the post-match interview, they challenged WWE tag teams such as The Usos and The Revival to “come out to the open to play” and not to have “fences” “block” them in. You can check out that video of their post-match interview below, along with some highlights:

Tama Tonga: “And still the realest double champs in the whole, entire universe. God, the maker of all things. God, the eternal one. God, the Guerrillas of Destiny.

Tonga Loa on who’s next for them: “Who’s next? Who wants to open their big f***ing mouth? Huh!? Who wants to step up to the plate, open your mouth and speak so much s***?”

Tama Tonga on the teams they’ve beaten in rematches: “Besides me? Lookie here. Look, look, look. LEVIL and SANADA — the evil space pirate asked for a rematch, and we gave it to you. Huh, out of the how many other ones we’ve had, we’ve dominated, we won, we are up. Who else wants a rematch?! Briscoes. Another team that wants a rematch because you were the loser the first time, the second time–”

Tanga Loa on wanting some new challenges: “So you’re thinking three times a charm? That’s old news bros. Here’s what we want. Some new f***ing blood.”

Tama Tonga on the challenge to The Usos and The Revival: “You know, when we said this is an open invite, open challenge, an open invitation to anybody and everybody including their mother, their mother’s daughter, their daughter’s cousin’s best friend’s dog, pets, insects, whatever the hell y’all got, it’s open! You want some of us? Usos, come! Hey! FTR, Forever The Revival, come get some! Don’t let the fences over there block you in. Come out to the open and play boys. Come out to the open.”