Mark Henry Defends Undertaker/Goldberg Disaster

Posted By James Walsh on 06/12/19

You might say the dogs were told to go out and protect the vulnerable. First JBL defended the awful match and now Mark Henry.

Mark Henry was none too pleased by the way Goldberg and Undertaker were mocked for their match at WWE Super ShowDown. Henry discussed the situation on Busted Open Radio, taking umbrage at the way fans criticized Taker and Goldberg online for the match. Some highlights are below:

On fans unfairly judging the two: ďBoth of those guys deserve the respect and admiration from our fans and from us. You canít judge íem on their primes, guys. It is almost sacrilege to expect a man in his 50s to be the man that they were at 35. You live for the moment, donít live for the past Ö you gotta live in the now in pro wrestling. We talk about it all the time. Why you rushing it? Let it build! Enjoy the story. But we didnít do that. And I was aggravated as hell about it.Ē

On the match continuing after Goldberg getting his bell rung: ďThe Undertaker deserves the respect that he deserves. Goldberg deserves the respect that he has earned. The guy went in and busted his face open. He finished that match. How about saying, [claps] ĎThank you, for not tapping out.í He could have easily said ĎHey, I canít see, I rung my bell,í and whey went into a series of chokeslams and 1,2,3 and itís over. Could have done it, didnít do it. They went through it for you.Ē

On the reaction online to the match: ďBut yet, the Twitter fingers, the people that canít run a mile in under a day. The people that canít lift their own body weight, do one pull-up. The people that canít their families in order and get all of their life in order. People donít have a belief beyond anything but their own nose. Those are the people that came on social media and berated the Undertaker and Goldberg, when it was a travesty to the wrestling business because they deserve better than that. Dammit, they deserve better than that. And anybody that sent a tweet like that, you should be ashamed of yourself. Everybody that knows you, should look at you differently.Ē

On the criticism affecting him personally: ďIím sorry, itís too close and maybe Iím being a little bit emotional about it, because I know both those guys very well. And Iíll be dammed if Iím going to let somebody tarnish their memory, and their existence in this business and what they gave to me personally, because they got the ability to communicate with millions of people with sending a tweet.Ē

On Undertaker and Goldbergís careers: ďItís about respect. Itís about loyalty, too. They have given a lot to us as fans. Like, I think about every moment I heard the gong since í94. I think about the walks that Goldberg made 100 times without a loss. All the fights with the security guards and all the times that great wrestlers went to the ring and got Jackhammered. Thereís a lot that goes into that build. Years and years of build for those two individuals. And we have people that canít lace their own shoes, chew bubble gum at the same time trying to tear them down in a second, over a tweet. Itís brutal to me.Ē