NJPW Opts Not to Pay Sony Music for Chris Jericho's "Judas" Fozzy Theme

Posted By James Walsh on 06/13/19

While the song ‘Judas’ from Chris Jericho’s band Fozzy was used for previous appearances in NJPW, a lot of fans didn’t hear it in the stream for NJPW Dominion this past Sunday. The song was not played in the streaming replay, when it had been included in all of his previous matches with the company. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, this was because Sony contacted NJPW and asked for a $2,500 rights fee to use the song. New Japan turned that down and decided to use a cover song instead.

Jericho reportedly said that he would have paid the fee himself if he had known about it. He confirmed the rights fee was the issue on Twitter.

Chris Jericho

There was a small rights fee involved that @njpwworld & @njpw1972 chose not to pay. End of story.