MMA Fighter Suggests Johnny Rodz Wants to Train Her for Wrestling

Posted By James Walsh on 06/13/19

Bellator fighter Heather Hardy spoke with Fightful for a new interview and discussed WWE Hall of Famer Johnny Rodz’ (not entirely serious) efforts to get her into wrestling. Highlights and the video are below:

On Johnny Rodz trying to get her into the business: “I work at Gleason’s (gym). On any given day I’m there for 8-9 hours working and training. Johnny’s always there and I know what he does. For me, I didn’t walk into Gleason’s saying ‘man I want to make some money!’ I walked in there saying ‘I want to fight!’ It was always just a joke kind of thing, never a serious thing where he tried to rip me away. I know if I knocked on his door, we would have half a conversation and I’d get started working with him — he’s a great guy.”

On if she’s made any serious moves to get into wrestling: “Not at all. We’ve been so focused on boxing and MMA, and I have contracts in both. To even think of a third sport, I don’t know that my management could stand another promoter!”