Rey Mysterio Believes AEW Is Great For The Wrestling Business

Posted By James Walsh on 06/14/19

Rey Mysterio recently spoke to Wrestling Inc on the WINCLY podcast. Hereís what he had to saw about AEW getting into the wrestling business and more.

On AEW: ďItís affected it that now there is competition and competition has always known to been good. That is something weíre all gonna have to face and step up our game for talent, behind the scenes, everybody. For me and my son now, competition is going to be very heavy for him as well. They are gonna wanna see comparisons between my son and myself. He is much taller and heavier than me. Will he ever be able to do a high-flying style like his old man? Iíd be very amazed if he pulls my style off. I think he can, but itís a matter if he wants to. But at the end of the day, this is great for business in general. Weíre all gonna wanna do our best to become the best. I donít think there is better options than wanting to be the best at your brand. It still hasnít because itís not out there fully yet. But Iím sure thereís gonna be some flashbacks to all of us that were in that Monday Night Wars era,Ē admitted Mysterio. ďBut the buzz is going around already and a lot of people are either gonna crank up their energy level or be confused and be like, ĎWhatís going on?í But I think itís gonna be the other way around and everyone wants to work hard at their craft.Ē

On Dominick Appearing On WWE TV: ďWhen I made my first appearance last year at the Royal Rumble, Dominick was with me. We introduced ourselves and our faces. Dominick hadnít been seen for a minute backstage in WWE, so it was a surprise to Vince and everybody that hadnít seen him. That reconnected our momentum going into future negotiations with WWE. I signed and came back in September and one thing led to another. I would imagine that some of the social media posts of Dominick training, as well as Vince and Hunter knowing that he was following in my footsteps [led to him being involved].Ē

On Dominick Signing With WWE: ďThatís gonna be a very hard call because what I want is very different than what he wants. The only thing I can do is guide him and leave it for him to decide. Thatís what Iíve been doing for the last year or so Ė just letting him know how this works and how this happens. At the end of the day, heís man enough to make the decision on his own. I canít decide for him. Heís been guided very well, not only by me, but Konnan talks to him as well. Heís been around this industry since he was a kid. I think itís gonna come naturally that heíll know what to decide when that time comes.Ē