Gedo Not Leaving NJPW

Posted By James Walsh on 06/15/19

During today’s latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer addressed a rumor that was circulating online that Gedo had quit NJPW as head booker. The rumor originated at and was later shared on Twitter by owner @Strigga. Meltzer quashed the rumors, saying the story was untrue.

Meltzer stated there were people who talked to Gedo who said the rumor was false. Additionally, Meltzer stated that if Gedo had quit NJPW at last Sunday’s Dominion event, people would’ve known about it and announced it. Meltzer continued that he didn’t know where the rumor came from and said, “There’s nothing to it.” He also noted how at Dominion, Gedo was reportedly talking to people backstage about angles for NJPW in nine months to a year from now, which wouldn’t make sense if he was quitting his role as head booker last Sunday.

An NJPW office source spoke to Uproxx on the initial story, and the source claimed it was a “crazy rumor.”