Daga/MLW Update: Tessa Blanchard Explains the Situation

Posted By James Walsh on 06/18/19

PWInsider has more details on the fallout between MLW and Daga. Last week it was reported that MLW dropped Daga because he had told them he was unavailable to work several dates, right as they were starting a heel turn for him, then found out that he did wrestle in Mexico during those dates.

However, PWInsider spoke to Tessa Blanchard, Dagaís girlfriend, who says MLW was told that Daga was not available on 6/1 because he would be going to Guadalajara, Mexico for Rey Fenixís sonís Christening. Blanchard added that since she and Daga were in town, and Fenix was working a show the next day in Guadalajara, they decided to work the show as well as a favor to Fenix. Puma King, Pentagon Jr., and others also worked the show since they were in town for the Christening as well.

She also added that Daga would love to continue to work for MLW if given the opportunity, and that heís concerned that this situation with MLW will lead to other United States promoters thinking he canít be trusted.