Bret Hart Set to Star in a Horror Film Alongside Corey Feldman

Posted By James Walsh on 06/19/19

Bret Hart is getting into the horror zone alongside Corey Feldman in the new film Tales From the Dead Zone. Exosphere Motion Pictures announced on Wednesday that Hart will make his feature film debut alongside Feldman in the anthology film, which is set to release in 2020 and also stars indigenous actor Dakota House (North of 60).

The film centers on a medical examiner conducting autopsies on victims of a horrible car crash, who imagines how they may have lived their lives, and features four separate tales. “All four of the stories in the Feature Film have been shot. We are gearing up now, to shoot the wrap around story, in the fall”, says director Barry J. Gillis.

Gillis added, “I didn’t set out to shoot a movie like any other film, but these comparisons, came up in the dailies, as well as from fans who contacted me after seeing an early trailer. If TALES FROM THE DEAD ZONE reminds people of other films, they love from the past, that’s a great honor.”

The poster and trailer for the film are below: