Jungle Boy Wishes his Dad was at Double or Nothing

Posted By James Walsh on 06/19/19

Jungle Boy spoke with Chris Van Vliet for a new interview discussing his appearance at AEW Double or Nothing, his upcoming match at Fyter Fest and more. Chris sent us the following highlights that you can see below, as well as the full video:

On wishing his dad could have been at Double or Nothing: ďI used to try not not speak about him at all. There was a time when I thought I could keep it a secret kind of but obviously the catís out of the bag. Everyone know whatís going on and itís not. There are obviously personal things with him that I donít talk about but I just want people to know about him. Heís just a really cool, down-to-earth guy. Itís weird because all of the pictures that Iíve seen of him online are him when heís young with that stupid hair and all the clothes and all that and I guess thatís how people think of him. My dadís main thing was being a dad, thatís what he really was into. Itís kind of bittersweet because at Double or Nothing especially I really wished he could be there. I think he knew before that things were going in a good direction. I mean itís a bummer too, I try to be positive about it but itís pretty lame.Ē

On living in the shadow of his famous father: ďThe way itís all worked out now is kind of weird, because I was never ashamed to talk about my dad but it wasnít something that I ever wanted to bring up. I wanted to stay away from it because Iíve always been trying to do my own thing. I never wanted to be given things that I shouldnít be getting because of that. Jungle Boy is pretty much the furthest away from Luke Perry that I can think of. Iíve had a lot of people over the years tell me Ďyou need to use your real nameí and to be yourself and all that. Itís just not what I ever wanted to do.Ē

On not knowing he he was booked on Fyter Fest until his 4-way match with was announced: ďI just got an email and theyíre like Ďweíre buying you a plane ticketí and I was like Ďplane ticket for what?í. Iím super happy to be there, I wanted to be on it. Itís kind of wild. It will be cool to see too because Double or Nothing was such a spectacle and it was this huge thing and not that this isnít a spectacle but now that we got the first one out of the way, I feel like everyone is a little more comfortable.Ē

On why he thinks AEW is going to change the world of wrestling: ďI really think that, I mean itís the slogan, but I think itís going to change the world of wrestling. I think if you look at Double or Nothing I thought that was honestly one of the best wrestling shows Iíve ever seen and it gave me goosebumps being there. Codyís entrance gave me full on goosebumps and it just made me feel things that I donít feel when I watch wrestling. I think itís the right time for this, I just think everything is kind of aligning. This is the time to do it and these are the right guys to do it.Ē

On improvising his big spot in the Battle Royale at Double or Nothing: ďWe kind of agreed that I was going to run first. We go out and Billy Gunn just started running and I was Ďdude, what?í so I was actually racing him and I started running but itís hard to run down the ramp and I really didnít want to fall because that would have been the worst thing ever. Like the Titus thing. I was like thatís not going to be me. So I was trying to race Billy and heís fast for an older guy, like damn. So I was running trying to catch him and he slid in. I was supposed to do something with Brandon Cutler and the second Billy slid in he just started kicking Brandon Cutler. I was like Ďno way, this is not going to happen to me right now! In front of everybody like the biggest thing Iíve ever doneí. So I grabbed Joey Janela and I was like Ďdude, help meí and it was all right there. I whipped him off and it all just happened right there and Iíve wrestled him before so he kind of knows my stuff but I didnít know he was going to do that to his head. It felt weird to me because normally somebody just takes a roll. We did it and I felt something kind of weird and it got a really, really loud reaction for a headscissors. Heís really awesome, heís a really generous guy.Ē

On why he hasnít watched WWE in a long time: ďI havenít watched WWE in a long time because I just got tired of when thereís a 30 minute promo at the beginning of every show. Itís not what I want to see. Itís funny because the only people I had any interest in watching were Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks and Cody. So I got a New Japan subscription and I was really in when ALL IN happened. I was super excited about that because Iím like this is what I want to see. I havenít been excited about this since I was little.Ē