Wrestling Promoter Says Women's Wrestling Revolution is a Lie

Posted By James Walsh on 07/09/19

Pro-Wrestling: EVE Co-Founder Dann Read spoke to MancunianMatters and discussed the WWE Womenís Evolution.

ďThis whole womenís revolution is a lie. Work is being put in, but the acceptance isnít there on the scale the promotion and fans are trying to make it. A lot of it is all talk. They make themselves look good, but actually, itís not better.Ē

Fellow co-founder Emily Read added, ďItís very telling that people who talk about WWE wrestling and the wrestlers they show are raving about what I say are commercially beautiful. Whereas women who maybe donít fit in that box wonít be given credit by those people.Ē

Pro-Wrestling EVE streamed a womenís event during WWE Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia.