WWE's Internal Inactive List Information and Who Is Usually On It

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 07/10/19

Fightful has details on WWE’s internal inactive list, which seems to be a real thing. Dave Meltzer cited the list after AJ Styles denied his claim several months ago that he was out with a hernia. Meltzer had said the injury came from the injury report.

The list does exist, but it doesn’t just list injured talent. It also lists talent that weren’t able to be used for a week of TV tapings. Last week, Naomi and the Usos were listed as “on vacation,” Finn Balor was on it because he was in Ireland and Alexa Bliss was listed under “illness” which is why she was gone Tuesday. Each name has an estimated return time and an update on their status. This includes wrestlers having evaluations on their injures scheduled and wrestlers having “no contact.” On the no contact list includes active performers like Paige and performers that rarely appear on WWE TV like Scott Hall.

Ronda Rousey, who hasn’t appeared on WWE TV since Wrestlemania 35, is not on the list at all.