Chris Jericho Still Wants His "Thank You"

Posted By James Walsh on 07/10/19

AEW released a video featuring top contender Chris Jericho telling the promotion that he still wants his thank you. You can check out that clip below.

"Saturday, July 13. Fight for the Fallen. One of the greatest nights in pro wrestling history. A great night for the people of Jacksonville. A great night for the pro wrestling world. Not a great for the AEW roster. Not a great night for the AEW heads of state living in their ivory towers, looking down, saying, ĎLook at what weíve created.í And all the hopeful dreamers on the roster thinking, ĎWe just want to put on a good show for the fans!í **** the fans! Iím Chris Jericho. I built this place. I put it on the map. I got a TV deal with the TNT Network. Do you think that ever wouldíve happened without me on the AEW roster? Yes, I still want my thank you. And guess what? If I donít get it in Jacksonville, you made another mistake because you gave me a live mic. Whatís Chris Jericho gonna say at Fight for the Fallen? Is it going to be controversial? Is it gonna be loud and abrasive? Is it gonna hurt some feelings? Yes to all three. But more importantly, itís gonna tell you what you need to hear, AEW, not what you want to hear. Chris Jerichoís coming to Jacksonville. I might hurt a few feelings. I might make a couple people mad at me. Aww, thatís too bad because you need to hear it and you need to realize who and what Chris Jericho is and has done for for AEW. And I got a couple other thoughts too about All Out, about Adam Page, about all of you. So, Iíll see you in Jacksonville with my live mic. And itís gonna be a bomb! Itís gonna be explosion. Itís gonna be a fire! I donít need all that pomp and circumstance. I donít need any of that BS because Iím Chris Jericho. Just showing up at Fight for the Fallen makes it a much better show, donít you think? See you in Jacksonville this Saturday. Youíre welcome."