Cody and Dustin Rhodes Take the Young Bucks to Task

Posted By James Walsh on 07/10/19

The latest Road to Fight For the Fallen is online, and in it Cody and Dustin reveal just how personal their match with the Young Bucks is. You can see the full video below, as well as a full recap in which the company hyped the Cody & Dustin vs. Young Bucks match, Allie vs. Brandi Rhodes and more.

* The video kicks off with Alex Marvez talking about how fired up the announce team is to call the matches, particularly the Cody & Dustin vs. Young Bucks match. He goes through the numbers, citing the Young Bucks’ greater experience as a tag team but Cody and Dustin’s experience in the ring. Marvex also says Dustin believes he lost a pint of blood in his match with Cody at Double or Nothing, but may be the freshest performer thanks to Fyter Fest. And finally, he points out that Dustin has never been in the ring with the Bucks, making him an X-factor in the match.

* The video them moves to Brandi being approached by Allie, who says that there’s been weirdness between them but she just wants to have a good match. Brandi thanks her for understanding and they embrace after promising to have a good match. Allie talks in an interview about seeing Brandi’s story on the last Road to Fight For the Fallen about her struggles with self-doubt and trying to be taken seriously. She says that she has felt the same way, and that signing AEW felt like her past eleven years have paid off. She talks about winning the Impact Knockouts Championship and talks about how Brandi said she crumbled when the pressure was on, but she never has. “You have to believe you can do it, and you can’t let anyone else get inside your head,” she said.

* The next segment has AEW Operations VP Nik Sobic talking about Daily’s Place, the venue for the event, and how Tony Khan’s father designed it so it’s very near to Khan’s heart. Sobic lays out the venue and how the furthest seat will only be about 100 feet away from the ring.

* The video then reveals the previously-announced Peter Avalon vs. Sonny Kiss match for the Buy In pre-show before jumping into an interview by Cody talking about how it started with just a handful of people who believed in it. There’s a clip from the original AEW launch party of Cody announcing the event and how a large portion of the gate will benefit victims of violence. He then says that he put the match of himself and Dustin against the Young Bucks together as a match that could draw. He tells Dustin that he thought he would say no. Dustin says he really wanted to retire, and that when Cody asked him to be his partner and that he needed his older brother, “What can you say to that?” He said he had to accept because it’s his brother, his family. Dustin asks Cody about the Bucks and said they do a lot, which scares him. Cody says they’re “not a less is more team” and they do everything. Dustin puts over the Bucks’ match at Fyter Fest, but says they make fun of people a lot, which got under his skin with their mocking of Cody and Dustin’s embrace from Double or Nothing. Dustin promises to “powerslam the both of you so hard, your souls will leave your bodies.”

Cody tells a story about how they did a dinner a few nights ago with some of the TNT folks, and Tony Khan putting over Cody and Dustin as a great tag team. He said Kenny Omega exclaimed in shock, “really?” Cody said, ‘This is the same guy who thinks Taka Michinoku is a legend, but he doesn’t know about the Brotherhood. He doesn’t know about Dustin and I.” Cody said it was a little needling, and he loves Matt and Nick. Dustin puts over that they were the first team to beat the Shield (which was bleeped), which Cody says the Bucks didn’t watch. “However,” he said, “I was watching the BOLA six-man, the Briscoes, Ladder Wars, Motor City Machine Guns, the silly-a** trampoline wrestling that Dragon Gate does, I was watching all that.” He says they has the advantage because he’s seen so much of their stuff, and they seem unfamiliar with Dustin and Cody. He said, “I mean, if you check social media and they’re flirting with the Usos (which is, like the Shield, bleeped) regularly, we beat the Usos’ ass for like, two years straight.’ He says this is why they have an advantage and they’re not an odd-man pairing. “To put your nose down at us because we were on TV and making money, screw that,” he says, before adding, “I may be a little more mad about it than I thought.”

The show takes place on Saturday and will stream live and free on B/R Live.