Dolph Ziggler Wants to Know if Shawn Michaels Can Hang With Him in the Ring

Posted By James Walsh on 08/11/19

WWE released a backstage interview with Dolph Ziggler ahead of Summerslam tonight. Ziggler discussed his preparition for Goldberg and said only someone out-wrestling or out-proving him is what it would take for him to walk away from WWE. You can check out that interview and some highlights below.

Dolph Ziggler on how prepared he is for tonight: ďI think if anyone could ever be prepared for a Goldberg match, it would be me. Iíve made a career out of being prepared for any opponents, whether it be cash-in, whether itíd be someone showing up, someone going down with an injury and showing up for a match against me, I think Iíve made a career out of preparing for every single person that exists in wrestling just in case, so I had a chance to beat them. Itís a mental game as well as a physical game, but Goldberg is clearly a psychotic bull that can pull energy from anywhere. No matter what year it is, he has this aura around him that makes him a champion, an ass-kicker in everyoneís eyes, no matter what the situation. My best best is to be prepared for Goldberg 1,000 percent by doing this job every single day for the last 15 years. And not only that, I know my stamina can go all night long with anybody. If it was 1997, Iíd be in the ring with Shawn Michaels, seeing if he could hang with me. So, Iíve got Goldberg tonight. I was a fan of his growing up. I know he can do anything. I know heís got these bursts of strength that can explode the ring and dominate opponents. I get it past the couple-minute point, thatís when my second wind comes in, and thatís where his goes down.Ē

Ziggler on facing Goldberg in the same place where he beat Brock Lesnar: ďUm, I donít really watch old wrestling, Goldberg or Brock Lesnar matches, so I guess that happened here. I donít see how what city it is plays into the match that Iím in. I feel like, possibly, because itís such a big moment and fans from all over the world, I feel like some of them will be smart enough to know who the real good guy is in this match, the guy standing up for the locker room, where he may not say the things that you like, but Iím sure as hell here all the time, every single night. Unless I gotta disappear for a while, but I sure as hell havenít just hopped in and out for the last 15 years. Iíve been here proving how good I am. Until someone out-wrestles me, out-proves me, Iíll walk away. That hasnít happened yet.Ē

Ziggler on if he can make it to his match with The Miz tomorrow: ďIíll make it there. Iíve made a career out of winning matches I wasnít supposed to or beating the hell out of somebody I wasnít supposed to. The fact that Miz giddily gave up his match at Summerslam to let someone else do it for him, 1) speaks volume about The Miz; and that he is so focused on outside activities and doing other and being famous and doing talk shows that he claims to be this great wrestler, he really isnít.Ē

Dolph Ziggler after Cesaro interjects and agrees with him: ďCesaro is a gentleman and a fantastic wrestler and the only wrestler who can go toe-to-toe with me for 60 minutes is him. So, I take his opinion, and it means a lot to me. It sure as hell should mean a lot to you guys, especially if youíre still filming.Ē