THE RANT: AEW All Out Review

Posted By James Walsh on 09/07/19

With AEW headed to TNT in about a month, All Out should have been the show to really excite people more than ever before about the return of wrestling to Turner broadcasting. After all, it was a staple on Turner TV since Turner was on UHF before cable on channel 17. And, it was a staple of Turner all the way until it got too big to fail in 1997 and then, like most things too big to fail IE the Titanic, it fell. We could turn this into a conversation about the fall of WCW but we won't. I'll simply say WCW became the bastard child of the Turner complex and as a result the jerks and dip shits in charge of TBS and TNT made sure wrestling would not be on their network and would not survive. They made sure so well that the company was sold for 1.5 MILLION dollars. I think that is a staggering number. I think Chris Jericho's AEW contract is worth more and many of the top guys in WCW were being paid more than that. Makes you wonder what kind of a backdoor, under the table payoff douchebags like Brad Siegel were getting. Doesn't it?

Well, WCW is gone. But, AEW is here. And, AEW is headed to TNT. All Out, a play on All In which started this ball rolling back almost a year ago to the day, had the card that was stacked enough to top Double or Nothing and All In. But, it doesn't.

Lets get to the card and why I feel this fell short.

The Casino Battle Royal with the girls was good. I like the concept and I hope they do continue this concept as a chance to get a lot of different faces on the show and on tape as a tryout of sorts to see how a live AEW crowd reacts to them. From the show, I think there is juice left in ODB and Jazz, if she's well enough, as the crowd was real happy to see them. Of the younger talent, it was cool to see Teal Piper, Nicole Savoy, and others get a chance to shine in front of a big crowd. Ivelisse is so ready for prime time, it isn't funny. But, they managed to mangle this.

The crowd was counting down for the joker entrant and during the countdown, DURING THE COUNTDOWN, they eliminate Awesome Kong who is the only one that can match up to Nyla Rose physically. That elimination should have been a key point in the match and a feather in the cap of who did it. Instead, it was lost in the countdown. And, many didn't even see it.

I like that Bea and Britt Baker are still going at it after her concussion at Fight for the Fallen. It gives it a level of realism.

I'm not sure I'm sold on Nyla Rose. I just don't get the character. And, are we going to totally ignore her gender morphing forever? I know that is a touchy subject but she clearly isn't all woman and that has to play, in some way, in to a heel promo on her or be explained.

The announcers didn't do a great job of explaining who each performer was and that includes those that were supposed to shine. I realize it probably is tough because of the number of people involved. But, I don't feel I know any more about Mercedes Martinez, Nicole Savoy, or any of the other talent that had a little bit of the spotlight for a hot minute during the match than I did before the match.

The Private Party match was fine. I like Jack Evans and Angelico but I'm not sure what they're doing is clicking in AEW. Both are great performers and Jack is better on the mic than he gets credit for. I'd love to see them evolve on TNT. Private Party is solid. I must admit, they sort of came out of nowhere to me and all of a sudden are a big deal.

The main show kicked off with SCU versus A Small Boy, a Boy, and his Dinosaur. Marco Stunt doesn't do it for me. Maybe it is the purist in me but I just don't think I get it. Why is someone as small as him in a wrestling match? And, if he can compete with veterans like Scorpio Sky, Frankie Kazarian, and Christopher Daniels... Does that hinder their legitimacy ultimately? That said, I love me some Luchasaurus. And, I love me some Jungle Boy. By the way, can JR get on board with Jungle Boy and not" Jungle Jack Perry"? I mean, the latter might be a more appropriate name. And, if they want to run with it, cool. But, everyone should be on board with calling the talent by the same name.

PAC and Kenny Omega surprised me because it was on so early in the card. But, with Jon Moxley out with a hangnail, I mean staph infection, this really threw a major monkey-wrench into the card as that was one of the top 3 matches. I'm not saying I don't buy the injury I'm just saying they need to be careful that key people they depend on don't continually let them down or else we might want to check their bank balances. And, I'll leave it at that.

The Pac/Omega match was fine but I just am not sure Omega has found his US groove yet. I'm not sure people are buying him in the US. I think a lot hinges on him finding his groove because he was a key signing for the brand but, ti this point, it hasn't resulted in much to write home about.

PAC winning might help play to the story that Omega isn't himself. But, I'd not have booked that. Omega is a mainstay, or at least presumably will be, and PAC already chose DDT over AEW once before. No way he should beat a top guy.

Next was the Cracker Barrel Clash with Jimmy havoc versus Joey Janela versus Darby Allin. With Darby taking Cody the distance at Fighter Fest, shouldn't he beat a Sex Pistol 40 years too late? Shouldn't he beat Janela? I mean, he hung with the company's top guy a full 20 minutes... But, he can't beat Janela or Havoc? Wins and losses matter, right? Right.

The Cracker Barrel match would have bene fine if we didn't have another stupid spotfest later in the show.

The Dark Order versus Best Friends had a match where the winner gets a bye to the second round of the torunament... Which, for those with a f***ing brain, means what exactly? This is a FIRST ROUND MATCH! What the f***? Did no one think that one through? I couldn't give half a f*** about this match as I don't think the Dark Order is worth the breath they steal and I like the Best Friends but I don't see anyone shinning that particular shit they were in the ring with.

Orange Cassedy. Ooh. The star power.

Next was the match that probbly made Kylee Rae quit AEW as her Japanese doppleganger who can't speak a lick of English Riho took on Hikaru Shida. This did zero for me. In fact, I fast forwarded through it. Because, who the f*** should I give a f*** about? If you wanted to push a happy go lucky female wrestler, why not Kylee? Why a Japanese girl who looks all of 10 and can't speak English? Wow. Just wow.

Cody and Shawn Spears was next. I like that MJF was involved as he managed to not be on the card at all. If he wasn't on there to steal the show as the only guy who is willing to be a heel, I wsas cool with him managing Cody. It might have been cool for Arn Anderson to have been the manager since he did make the save. But, I was cool with that choice. And, the Anderson run in was awesome. But, why did Tully Blanchard wander to the back after the Anderson run in with the spinebuster? Was he trying to talk to his former Brainbuster partner? This was awkward.

The Cody/Spears finish was fine. But, I would have had it end with a chair shot from Cody to Spears as the receipt to end the feud. After all, it seems to be done with how it went off anyway. So, why not just give the receipt for the finish. Spears could have introduced the chair and MJF could've intercepted it, held it, and did the... "What will he do with the chair? Will he turn on Cody" spot ultimately giving the chair to Cody to deliver the blow..... But, that's just me.

The Young Bucks and Lucha Brothers OVERDID IT! I mean, when two men flop frop the top of a ladder on to each other's partners through tables and the crowd doesn't make a f***ing peep, the crowd is dead to your overdoing it. They just don't care anymore. And, the spot where one of the Bucks takes the tumble over the top and clips the top rope with his foot could have ended A LOT worse than it did. Dangerous. And, though I really did not like this match, the Young Bucks are marketing geniuses and are required for the success of AEW. So, that was a scary moment as a guy All In on AEW like myself.

LAX making their debut was cool. Not sure that is "star power" though. We needed Punk...

Main event was real good though was hard to follow after the spot fest that was the prior match. The right guy won. Jericho is driving the AEW promotional machine. And, Adam Page WILL be World Champion one day soon. He's got every tool required. But, this was the right move to put the belt on the established, big name guy who can still go. 100% cool with the decision and the match was good too.

A back elbow sure is more effective than in years gone by, though. Not sure I'm sold on the Judas Effect.

Overall, a solid show. No CM Punk was a bummer. No real buzz worthy events except a new champion. Too many guys, and girls, had spotlight shined on them that didn't deserve it (PAC, Riho, Dark Order)... But, the mainstays of AEW shined in Cody, Jericho, and Hangman Page. The busting open of Jericho was genius.

The matches were all too long, though. And, that is a problem. Americans don't have the interest to watch overblown long matches. You can't present NJPW in the US and expect a mainstream US audience to be All In on it. I'm telling you that right now.