Sha Samuels and Revolution Pro Issue Statements After ‘Shoot Attack’ Injures Referee, Josh Bodom Deletes Tweet on Incident

Posted By James Walsh on 09/08/19

As previously reported, there was a situation after a Revolution Pro event where referee Aaren Wilde announced that he was forced to indefinitely retire after an unplanned attack from Sha Samuels and Josh Bodom that took place after a match at the RevPro Summer Sizzler that took place on Aug. 30.

Earlier today, Sha Samuels issued a statement on the incident via his Twitter account, claiming he improvised after a mistake during the match with Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis) and said he “safely” slammed the referee. Samuels added, “I can only apologize for what happened…..I genuinely believed I had done nothing wrong, but have now had my eyes opened and educated to the fact that regardless how safe you are, you should never assume it is ok to get physical with a non-wrestling member of the crew on the fly. I guess I have been too comfortable with.”

Revolution Pro promoter Andy Quildan later put out a statement on the matter through his own Twitter account, which you can see below.

Additionally, Revolution Pro released a full, official statement on the matter earlier today. According to the statement, all ties have been severed with Josh Bodom. Bodom also recently deleted a tweet, where he wrote shortly after the event, “Yo @RevProUK, plz get some qualified refs that aren’t s***. Also the York Hall fans are incurable, depressed slop jalops. Congrats to @DUNKZILLADavis & @kylefletcherpro on getting a free pass to bRoyal Quest tho. xoxox”

Bodom and Samuels are also stripped of the British tag team titles. Samuels will be forced to “undertake internal disciplinary” due to the incident and going forward, he will be under “zero tolerance should any future incidents occur.” You can see that full statement below.