RJ City Says It Would Be A Bad Idea To Sign Him

Posted By James Walsh on 09/10/19

RJ City recently spoke to Fightful about being on TV and companies trying to sign on.

On TV: ďTV is a relative term, but okay. Everyone says Ďoh, we have TV!Ē Or, do you just have a Youtube show? TV, the word, the phrase, the whole business is changing. Not just wrestling, television. Iíve been on TV, Iím syndicated in over 100 countries. Iím a filmmaker, a raconteur! I have two non-wrestling things in development now, Iím not telling you (what they are), theyíre in development! One thatís somewhat wrestling related, but idiotic, and one thatís not my demographic at all, and Iím hoping that demographic doesnít find out about the wrestling demographic. I donít think theyíll coexist very well. Every Sunday morning on Youtube, I do coffee in my underwear. IS THAT ON TV!?Ē

On Signing With A Company: And they have, and Iíve said no. Some of them are not very good for me. For someone else, they may be great! Itís not in my particular genre of idiocy. I didnít feel terribly moved by them. Iím a very weird person, I like doing my own stuff. Iíll say, if any companies are interested, probably a bad idea to sign me. I donít think you want to hand me a microphone or have me backstage. #DontSignRJ,Ē