Chris Jericho Takes A Shot At Cody Rhodes

Posted By James Walsh on 09/11/19

Chris Jericho posted a video in which he takes a shot at Cody Rhodes. In the video, he refers to Cody as having a ďbig egoĒ and reveals that he doesnít like him or his family. Hereís what he had to say:

The champís birthday happens at Full Gear, Nov. 9 in Baltimore. The biggest match in AEW history happens at Full Gear Ė Chris Jericho vs. Cody. You can leave all the jokes aside and the memes and videos, all the bubbly, letís forget about that for now. Most importantly, youíve got the clash of generations. Youíve got the greatest of all-time by facts and figures against the greatest of all-time in his own head.Ē

Donít get me wrong, everything Cody believes about himself is true. Heís the best performer in AEW, the most popular performer in AEW. Heís the biggest personality in AEW. Heís got the biggest ego as well. Itís not a secret.

I donít like you, Cody. I donít like your brother. I donít like your sisters, and I sure as hell donít like Dusty Rhodes, your father. That son of a bó- promised me a lot of things that never happened. Fast forward 25 years ago, and now this son of a bó-, you, Cody, promised me a lot of stuff that didnít happen. Iíll promise you this: I donít like you or your family but I love being el campeon. Iím going to beat the hell out of you and teach your entitled little ass a lesson on Nov. 9 in Baltimore, my birthday. Iíll continue my reign as AEW champion.