Nick Gage On What Makes A Good Deathmatch, GCW & More

Posted By James Walsh on 09/11/19

Nick Gage was a recent guest on ďTotal Engagement With Matt KoonĒ. During the interview, he discussed his death match prowess and what makes for a good match in that genre, GCW and more. Here are the highlights:

On What Got Him Into Wrestling:

To me wrestling it has to be NWA. I remember going to my fatherís house, my dadís house and he was a big wrestling fan too. So heíd put 605 on, TBS. And then once ECW came along, then it was like, ĎOh this is definitely what I want to do, right here.í Style and I loved everything about it.

On Seeing Jim Ross & Tony Schiavone At Starrcast:

Oh hell yeah, man. What do they got? 30, 40 years in the biz? Iím big fans of both of them. Jim Ross and Tony Schiavone are two of the greatest play-by-play announcers in wrestling and how much knowledge them guys got by watching all these awesome wrestlers perform over the decades I can only learn.

On What Makes A Good Death Match:

I would describe a good death match as in it has good wrestling, involved with weapons and itís violent and real death matches, everything is real.


I think at first this is a company built for the fans. I think we cater to our fans and we love our fans and itís also Brett Lauderdale runs that shit and I think he just has a good mind for the business, man. He comes up with great ideas, great match-ups and the locker room, man. He just got a good group of guys who are hungry, who wanna do this, and they go out there and give it their all, man. So I think all that blended in and thatís what you got and people are f***iní loving this shit, man.