Tony Khan Says AEW is Not Building Towards Kenny Omega versus Nyla Rose

Posted By James Walsh on 10/09/19

During a post-show media scrum after AEW Dynamite last week, Tony Khan downplayed talk of a possible match between Kenny Omega and Nyla Rose. Omega ran out to stop Rose from attacking AEW Women’s Champion Riho after their match, which Riho won. Here are highlights:

On if Omega and Rose will have a match: “That was not what that was. It wasn’t supposed to be set up like that. It was more like a big moment for his protege Riho. Kenny’s very involved in the women’s division and then for that to happen, that wasn’t what was supposed to happen. That’s why he was going in and clearing it up.”

On Rose having to prove herself to get another title match: “Wins and losses definitely will come into effect (for future title opportunities). At the Women’s Casino Battle Royale, she eliminated 11 contestants. Nyla’s performance was outstanding. I thought it was a star-making performance, and that’s how she got this opportunity (to face Riho). Even though Nyla has not officially won a singles match, I think Nyla is going to have to win some matches now, or win next year’s Casino Battle Royale to get another shot.”