Kurt Angle Has High Praise for Baron Corbin

Posted By James Walsh on 10/19/19

In an interview with The Pop Break, Kurt Angle gave his thoughts on Baron Corbinís career and what he thinks Corbinís future will be like in WWE. Here are highlights:

On becoming a producer in WWE: ďRight now itís a little hard to watch. I mean when you make the transition from wrestling to retirement, you still want to be out there. So itís a little difficult, but Iíve been handling it pretty well. It keeps me busy.Ē

On Baron Corbin: ďBaronís a good kid. I think heís gonna have a great future. Heís obviously King of the Ring now. I always knew he was would be really good, and I know Vince McMahon really likes him a lot. And Iím happy to see him having the success that heís been having.Ē

On his advice to independent wrestlers: ďLearn how to bump properly and learn how to sell. Those two things will give you a lot of success and they will help you make money, and help make the business money. If you sell really well, youíre going to be a great wrestler.Ē