Outlaw Joel Deaton Suffers Stroke - Hospitalized

Posted By James Walsh on 10/20/19

Credit: PWInsider

Outlaw Joel Deaton, 62, is currently hospitalized in Emory University Hospital ICU in Georgia after suffering a stroke.

Deaton's sister made the announcement on his Facebook page, noting, "He is awake, alert and talking and he does have movement of his effected side. His prognosis is excellent" but that he has a long road ahead of him.

Deaton wrestled for the first time in many years this past August, reprising his old masked Jim Crockett Promotions persona Thunderfoot in a Royal Rumble bout.

Deaton initially broke into the business in the late 1970s after being discovered by Lars Anderson while working as a personal trainer. He worked for many years as an undercard performer, first as Deaton and then later under a mask as Thunderfoot. Gene Ligon later joined him as Thunderfoot #2. Deaton later teamed with Billy Black in All Japan Pro Wrestling, winning the All Asian Tag Team Championship. He also made appearances in Smoky Mountain Wrestling and a number of Southeastern independent promotions in the United States.