Edge Making Good on WWE 2K 2020 Collectors Edition Blunder

Posted By James Walsh on 10/22/19

WWE Hall of Famer Edge has offered to make good on an issue regarding some WWE merchandise fans received that was supposed to have his personal autograph. It appears fans who purchased WWE 2K20 Collectorís Edition didnít get the WWE Legend autographed plague that they were promised. The Collectorís Edition was advertised to include an autographed plaque featuring one of the group from Kurt Angle, Rey Mysterio, or Edge. However, one particular Twitter user received an Edge plaque with his copy of the game, but there was no autograph.

Edge commented on the matter on his Twitter account. He offered to help with the situation to send the plaques to a PO box he will set up to get signed.

Edge wrote on what happened, ďLame. Seems like it happened to a few other people too. Someone dropped the ball. Iím filming a movie for the next month but when I get home Iíll get a p.o box. Everyone who didnít get one signed, Iíll follow you on here, give you the address and you can send it to me to sign.Ē You can check out that tweet below.