Big Show Tells Wrestling Fans to Enjoy the Show and Stop Trying to Direct It

Posted By James Walsh on 10/22/19

TMZ caught up with Big Show and asked him for his thoughts on Cain Velasquez taking on Brock Lesnar.

On Cain vs. Brock: Iím glad Iím not the referee. I donít want to get between them two. Iím interested to see where Braun and [Fury] go. You start bringing that talent from outside business and flip a coin, itís anybodyís call. Iím gonna be real honest with you, Iíve never seen a monster like Brock Lesnar and the warpath heís been on in the past few years. Heís stronger, faster, seasoned, confident where he is. Heís tough.

On Title vs. Belt: Itís a title. Belt holds up your pants. Itís a championship or title. Whatís wrong with you?

On Fan Backlash: Youíre never gonna make everyone happy. Some people say, Ďyouíre rushing too muchí or Ďyouíre taking too long.í Everyone is gonna have an opinion. My advice is to sit back, watch the show, and enjoy it. Quit trying to direct it.