Seth Rollins Says He Did Not Give a "Rah Rah Speech" Before RAH... I Mean RAW

Posted By James Walsh on 11/06/19

Seth Rollins took his issues with a report about him giving a speech during the metting before Raw public, and got an apology for it. As noted earlier on Tuesday, the Wrestling Observer reported that during the meeting, in which it was said that WWE maintained mechanical issues were the sole problem with the Saudi Arabia travel delay, Rollins spoke up when it was time for questions and gave a “rah rah” speech, saying that talent should keep their frustrations about such matters off social media in the future.

Rollins took issue with this report and fired off on Twitter, calling the report false and calling Meltzer out specifically. In response, Meltzer apologized and said that in a separate tweet, “I always want to correct any mistakes”:

Seth Rollins

And lastly, @davemeltzerWON, you’re at best a purveyor of misinformation or at worst an outright, vindictive liar. I hope it’s the former. #rahrah