Alexa Bliss Lashes Out After Reports of her Shoulder Injury - Says It is "Just Fine"

Posted By James Walsh on 11/06/19

Who else hears Jane Jetson yelling at George saying "just fine" here? And, if you recall, it wasn't "just fine."

Alexa Bliss isn’t sweating the status of her career in the wake of a new injury, swatting aside a question about if she should cut back. Bliss responded to a tweet asking if she should “cut back on the amount of dates or step down from being an active wrestler” after it was reported she was dealing with a shoulder injury, replying as you can see below.

It was confirmed on WWE Backstage that Bliss has an undisclosed injury, but it was said she will be back to the ring very soon.

Lexi Kaufman

Maybe try cutting back on the pointless stories & stop worrying about my career. It’s just fine