Cody Says AEW Will Continue to Break All the Rules

Posted By James Walsh on 11/06/19

Cody was on a recent episode of ESPNís Cheap Heat and discussed AEW not following the rules set by WWE and Kevin Dunn, what he thought about WWE moving Finn Balor to NXT, and more. Highlights are below.

On how AEW isnít following the rules set by Kevin Dunn and WWE: ďI just see the way that Kevin Dunn shoots WWE is, and not so much the booking of it but how he shoots it, I see, and of course, itís kind of setting a ball up for us. We wanted to be an alternative. Now of course, when your counter programs on your night, you are competing, youíre no longer just an alternative, but we still say we want to be an alternative because what weíre doing is completely different. Hereís the only thing youíll recognize, the ring in the center of the building. Ok, thatís a wrestling ring. Everything else weíre doing is a very, very different wrestling. And thatís why sometimes itís fun to kind of poke fun at it, not in a mean-spirited way, but all of these rules that have been in place for 20 years, theyíre not wrestling rules, theyíre WWE rules. ĎOh, itís a contract signing, there has to be a fight.í ĎOh, the person canít just look at the monitor, they have to stand to the side, because thatís how Kevin likes to shoot it.í Itís nonsense. And it worked for them until it stopped working for them. And weíre just happy to do wrestling how we want to do it. The good thing about our partners at WarnerMedia and the TNT family, they werenít there during the Attitude Era or the Monday Night Wars. There was nobody on staff, except for maybe one guy. And that is great, itís all young, open-minded, congruent with what an actual snapshot of America and the World looks like today, itís like a utopia at the moment.Ē

On Finn Balor being moved to NXT to compete with AEW: ďI was expecting the Undertaker teaming with Johnny Gargano on night one and all that good stuff. Iím more mindful of it post-Wednesdays, I got a lot of friends in that locker room, my Dadís boots are sitting in the Performance Center, so Iím more mindful of it post-Wednesdays, but we go into it more with the idea of what are we doing, and then you got everyone else in your ear, so Iím aware, and I actually got to see the Pele kick he did, and I guess the turn, as itís been dubbed, I think thatís, Hunter [Triple H] is not a stupid guy, it is public knowledge that weíre five weeks in and five weeks in a row AEW has beat WWE in the ratings, so Iím sure those types of things will continue to happen, and that only brings out the best in us, because I think weíre just untapped. I think we have all kinds of new, homegrown people that going to be coming up through the ranks, people like Nyla Rose, people like Riho, and I think they can compete with any wrestling roster, our tag division that Matt [Jackson] and Nick [Jackson] have cultivated, so Iíd just expect more of that. Thatís what this is, weíre living in this period of two shows competing against each other for the wrestling viewer and the casual fan.Ē