AEW Full Gear to Run Shoter than All Out - Not Yet Sold Out

Posted By James Walsh on 11/07/19

AEW Full Gear’s lower match count is reportedly in order to have a shorter show than they did at All Out. The WON Reports that the current match count of eight matches — two less than All Out — is due to the fact that people weren’t happy about the five-hour length of the August 31st PPV.

The site reports that the plan is to have just the Bea Priestley vs. Britt Baker match on the Buy In pre-show, and the live show time to the crowd limited to four hours so it ends at 11:30. That would put it at an hour below the five-hour running time of All Out. It was noted that Full Gear has until midnight so it could conceivably go as long as four and a half hours if they need it to.

– The site notes that as of yesterday morning there were about 1,300 tickets left unsold, which means about 7,500 sold thus far. It should end up close to a sell-out, but may not completely fill up. There are 639 tickets on the secondary market at a $40 get-in price.