Jon Moxley Recalls Dropping the "F Bomb" on WWE TV & That Leading to his Eventual Departure

Posted By James Walsh on 11/10/19

Jon Moxley spoke during his panel at Starrcast about when he decided to leave WWE, plus more. As most people know, Moxley was very vocal about his issues with WWE on Talk is Jericho back in May. During his “Unhinged: The Jon Moxley Story” panel at Starrcast IV, Moxley recalled a couple of stories about his time in the company (per Wrestling Inc):

On having to apologize to the production crew for dropping the F-bomb on TV: “This was at pay-per-view. I believe I won (for the first time) or defended the United States Championship. I won the match and the referee was raising my hand and I yell out ‘Give me my f**king belt,’ blatantly. They (the crew) cut it on delay. I had no idea I said this. I go to the back and everyone is acting a little weird. I sensed some weird energy. I remember Road Dogg coming up to me and asking ‘Did you just say f**k out there?’ I said ‘No, I didn’t cut a promo.’ He goes ‘No, in the ring?’ I’m like ‘No, I don’t think so.’ He goes ‘Oh’ and walks away. I didn’t think anything of it. The next day, somebody comes up to me, I won’t drop any names, but a higher-up type comes up to me and tells me he wanted me to go to the production truck and apologize to those in the truck, because they had to press a button for a five-second delay because, you know, that’s so hard. So I go to the truck, and they make me watch it. I had to sit down, like I’m being punished. They put it on and I was thinking I probably didn’t say it. And then I was like ‘Oh, I really did say it.’ I’m admitting that I was at fault and I was apologizing to them as to what I thought was a sincere and perfect apology.”

On the apology not being enough: “A little bit later, the same person comes up to me and says ‘I don’t think that was the right kind of apology for the push that we want to give you.’ I was like ‘What do you mean? I apologized.’ He goes ‘Look. I know that you’re a different type of cat.’ I was like ‘What do you mean? I totally apologized.’ Looking back years later, I must’ve came off as a dick. I didn’t mean to. But, I must have. I think that was a pivotal moment where they were like f**k this guy. That’s how they looked at me, however, they saw me, and that’s how they still probably look at me to this day.”

On when he knew he wanted to leave WWE: “It was in July [while recovering from tricep surgery], when I started to realize I was not excited to come back. I was excited about wrestling, but I was like do I really have to go back to the WWE? Can I go to CZW or somewhere else? I remember I was training with Joey Mercury, and he was with Ring of Honor at the time. He was telling me about how ROH/NJPW just sold-out Madison Square Garden. I was like damn man can you take me with you? I have to go back to the WWE. I was picturing all these terrible ideas they would have for me (once I came back) and it was making me anxious. I told myself, I was going to give them one last shot, I’ve got this heel turn coming up. They kept putting it off and putting it off. I eventually become a heel and that turned to s**t real quick. I knew I was gone in the summer, while I was off. But I knew I wasn’t going to leave early and deal with the legal s**t. I knew I was going to ride out the contract.”