Adam Page Feels He Has Big Shoes to Fill Being in the Elite, Feels He's Fallen Short in 2019

Posted By James Walsh on 11/10/19

Speaking to reporters in a media scrum after AEW Full Gear, The Hangman Adam Page discussed his win last night over PAC at AEW Full Gear. You can check out a video of the scrum and some highlights below. Early on in the scrum, Page revealed heís still suffering a busted ear drum from his match with Sammy Guevara on AEW Dynamite. You can check out 411ís full recap of AEW Full Gear RIGHT HERE.

Page on if he feels vindication with his win over PAC: ďI donít know if thatís what it is. Itís weird, like, I donít talk about it a lot, but Iím feeling good tonight, so maybe I will. Itís weird being in The Elite and being me. My teammates are the Best Bout Machine (Kenny Omega), the greatest tag team of all time (Young Bucks), Mr. AEW Cody. And itís hard man. Itís big shoes to fill as far as partners. And I felt like this year, I have not done it. You know? And I beat PAC, and Iím happy about it. I really am, but weíre 1-1. So, I havenít really, really beat him in the way that I need to. So, Iíd like to have a rubber match to be honest with you, you know what I mean? Between the two of us. Where we at Wednesday? You all know? Nashville. Thatís a good place to do some cowboy s***. Weíll do it Wednesday, I think, huh? I mean, I canít make matches, but weíll do it Wednesday.Ē

Page on bringing out the barbed wire spider web for the main event: ďI didnít know about this thing until halfway through the show. Like after my match, they clued me in on it and said he wanted us to do it. I donít know man. We told him no, but what are you going to do? This dueís out of his mind, screaming at you to bring this thing out here for him. You canít just keep saying no forever. Heís a psycho, and you just have to let him give into it a little bit I guess.Ē

His thoughts on the AEW rankings: ďItís good man. Yeah, shoot. What was I on the rankings? Was it 3, 4? I donít know. 3? I think PAC was 2. I donít know how that changes tonight. I donít know how that changes Wednesday, so weíll see about that. Itís cool man to have a legitimate sense of where you are. I mean, it puts things in perspective for you.Ē

Adam Page on being part of BTE and keeping up with it on weekly TV now: ďItís cool man to see all this come to life. Itís great. Itís something weíve been wanting to do, obviously, for a very long time. And itís a real thing that Iím flying in and out of at home to do every week. Itís badass. Keeping up with BTE at this point is difficult. I wonít lie. Not like difficult for me as much as it is for Nick [Jackson] because heís still shooting the stuff. I mean, Brandonís there helping, but heís still shooting the stuff on his phone. Heís still editing it on his laptop, you know what I mean, and trying to get it up Monday? Whatís today? Saturday. So, heís got to get that up soon. Itís tough, but I think people love it. People react to it I think more so than a lot of things Iíve done in my career. People react to the stuff you do on BTE. We have a dedicated, loyal fanbase. So, as long as theyíre there, so will we be.Ē

Page on agents he likes to work with backstage: ďDean Malenko. Heís one of the funnest people I have ever met. You would never get that. He has a weird, dry sense of humor. Jerry Lynnís cool as s*** too. Yeah, those two.Ē

Page on suffering a stinger after the suplex on the guard rail spot: ďIím not worried about my back so much as my neck. Like a little stinger. Itís funny, my parents were watching. They were texting me asking me about my thumb, And they were like, ĎDid your thumb break,í or whatever. But you can see it here, your hands kind of like ó I donít know, they kind of like numb up a little bit. You try to kind of keep them [he motions them close together] ó and they want to like to do this. So, thatís kind of where Iím at. I think Kennyís probably with the doctors, so I might not bother with it now. So yeah, my neck is what Iím really worried about.Ē

Adam Page on if it will keep him out of action this week: ďOh hell no. Iíll be good.Ē