Tony Khan Isn't Aware of AEW Trucks Watching WWE NXT on USA During Dynamite

Posted By James Walsh on 11/10/19

Speaking to reporters in a media scrum after AEW Full Gear (via Fightful), company president Tony Khan was asked about a recent tweet by the official Twitter account for AEW. The tweet featured an image from inside the AEW production truck.

The recent tweet showed that there was a monitor in the truck that has the feed for USA Network, which airs NXT opposite AEW on Wednesday nights. The truck appeared to have a USA Network monitor sitting next to a TNT Network monitor while Full Gear was being broadcast. The obvious implication is that the production truck is keeping an eye on or viewing NXT on USA Network during AEW Dynamite on Wednesday nights. Below are some highlights from the scrum, where Khan said he was not aware of what the truck was watching during the event.

Tony Khan on the monitor viewing USA Network and NXT in the AEW production truck: ďYeah, thatís not my [position.] I donít know what theyíre watching in the truck. Iím stuck at the Gorilla Position. We donít have a TV that would even have cable on it. We have the feed of our own show. And then I have like eight to ten cameras that like we choose from. So, yeah, I donít know what they could be [watching], I think sometimes they have, like football [on] between stuff going on during the day, but during the show, I donít know what they are [watching].Ē

Khan on when he checks out the truck: ďIíve never seen a monitor on where I am. Yeah. I canít speak to the truck. I go out in the truck like before the show for VTRs. But that would be like long before anybody else, thatís like before the sun goes down.Ē