John Cena Donates $1,000,000 of His Own Money to Veterans

Posted By James Walsh on 11/11/19

John Cena, along with FitOps, helped raise $1 million to help veterans achieve personal trainer certification, helping to create a path in life after service. As his way of giving back, Cena has matched the $1 million donation.

Speaking to Sports Illustrated, Cena spoke about why the cause is so important for him as he hopes to prevent veteran suicide.

ďThe numbers are alarming, and this is a very difficult conversation. We have messed up. Itís time to make things right. And there is no perfect answer, but Iím more than willing to try. I was hit pretty hard by the hard data about veterans committing suicide. These are people I look up to and respect, and to learn that nearly 20 veterans a day are killing themselves, that means the system is lacking in some way. Itís not a flattering conversation, but it needs to be out in the open so we can address the issue. When I was hit with that information, especially concerning vets aged 30 and younger killing themselves, my immediate goal was to help. For me, itís important to let the people in the armed services know they stand above politics. They demand my respect. Theyíre my heroes, and thatís why Iím taking action with FitOps.Ē