Tony Khan Discusses AEW's PPV Plans for the Future

Posted By James Walsh on 11/11/19

Tony Khan spoke about AEW’s next PPV event, as well as if their big quarterly PPVs will be in the same cities every year, at the post-Full Gear media scrum.

On when AEW’s next PPV will be: “I’ve said from the beginning, I really feel like we want to do the best thing for our fans in terms of giving them value for the shows and giving like a great quarterly PPV experience. And we’re going to keep doing that. It’s no secret that, like Double or Nothing, All Out, and now Full Gear are big quarterly brands for us. So in Q1, there will be something, we’ll make an announcement very soon. But you’ll expect, given that we’re doing Double or Nothing Memorial Day, again, it’s happening, Double or Nothing 2 is happening, and given that we’re doing these big quarterly shows, I think tonight, you can expect to see shows the caliber of Double or Nothing and All Out and Full Gear, and there’s going to be another one on that Mount Rushmore of quarterly big PPV shows that we want to give people, and I’ll make an announcement along with all of us here soon, and I’m really excited about it, but I can’t give you all the details about it yet.”

On if the major PPVs will be in the same cities every year: “I can’t necessarily say whether they’ll all be in the same cities, but Double or Nothing will be in Vegas, Double or Nothing’s going to be at the MGM Ground, and All Out is going to be in Chicago.”