RUMOR KILLER: Big Show is NOT Dead

Posted By James Walsh on 11/11/19

In news that should not need to be rebunked given the ridiculousness of the claim, the Big Show is not dead.

The Onion, a site based in satire, reported that Big Show was shot dead by the WWE because of fears he'd attack a young fan in the ring with him. The picture, likely from over a decade ago, shows Big Show giving his famed "Chokeslam" pose with a child barely taller than the middle rope in the ring with him inside the cage.

Contrary to what some may believe, Big Show is a smart guy and not some sort of caged mountain lion for the viewing pleasure of spectators. He even has his own social media where he types words in a language almost like English. Was that sarcastic? Yes, yes it was.

The fact that people are willing to believe that Big Show, Paul Wight, would attack a child or that he'd be tazed or shot like a crazed animal in the zoo when a child ends up in their enclosure is just absurd to me.

So, yes, Virginia. Big Show is alive. And, if you believed that story, do me a favor and don't vote in the next election. M'kay?